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Cedar birdhouses and feeders with copper roofs

But we will still have a full assortment of birdhouses,
suet, finch, seed feeders and leaves. Give us
us a call or email to set up an appointment.

Thanks for visiting our site of things for birds and your yard. You will find birdhouses
bird feeders, birdbaths, and yard decorations to enhance your garden. All of the bird feeders
and birdhouses are designed by us and used by us. All of our feeders and houses are
made of cedar protected on the outside with transparent stain and have copper roofs.



Hosta leaves custom painted on cascading stands.
All leaves come with stands that you can place your leaves on and arrange to reflect your needs or design to enhance your garden.

A set of 3 leaves with are priced between $50 and $60

This unique birdbath is just a sample
of our ongoing design efforts.
Many of our designs are one of a kind.



An all cedar condo style birdhouse with copper roof.
Each section has it's own cleanout to make
this birdhouse is aesthetically pleasing and
practical. Drain holes and roof vents also make
this design healthy for the inhabitants.
The condo is meant to be used with one inch
black pipe which is readily available in lengths
up to 20' although 10' or less is recommended.

This set of 3 leaves is a sample of the many
colors and shapes that can be purchased.

All leaves and birdbaths come with stands

This leaf is part of a set of four with a rainbow
motif. Not the easiest to do.

Seed Feeder

Click here to see larger picture of feeder

Our very popular bird feeder design. Windows on two
sides to view the seed level, easy and secure fill
door, topped off with a copper roof. Just like our
birdhouses unequally decorated with grape vine
and a hand painted ladybug somewhere.
This is a 2 quart easy front fill feeder.
$50 + shipping

Another of the hundreds of unique designed
and hand painted bird bath or garden decorations.


Click here to see more pictures of our single birdhouse

Our single birdhouse comes with a copper or
hypertufa roof, decoration, ladybug, clean out,
drain holes, roof vents and cedar construction.
Hole size is 1 1/4" for wrens, nuthatches, chickadees,
titmouses, flickers and downy woodpeckers.

This house can be hung by a hook or an optional
receptacle for a 1" pole can be installed.
$45 + Shipping

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Finch feeder with easy fill and easy cleaning.
Designed to allow many finch to feed at once.
The roof is embossed and coated to maintain the
the unique colors of the copper. $45 + shipping

Suet feeder with 4 block capacity. Tilt screen down
and fill with 2 suet blocks on each side. Like all of
our feeders and houses with copper roofs you have your
choice of designs. $40 + shipping